A warm welcome at San T's art site San Turn Us.

My art represents expressions of visualized energy.
Recurrent themes are: sting, scission, schism and
convergence, whirlwinds, grounding, nature, nesting,
universe and female power.

My philosophy is my inspiration.
My inspiration is my expression.
My expression is my belief.
My belief is my incentive.

Please let me share this with you.

Enjoy my art!

San San Timmermans

Be advised that all images are subject to altered saturation, contrast, lightning and other influences. They might differ from the original art work.
Some detailed files are over 10 Mb in size and might take some time to load. Please have patience.

11.11.2017 - Nationale Kunstdagen - Beursfabriek Nieuwegein. Zaterdag 11 en zondag 12 november.

01.10.2017 - Stem op mij: Schilderij van het jaar nr. 2709 (sluitingsdatum 30.11.2017).

01.08.2017 - Van Lanschot Kunstprijs - Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam. (website)

12.11.2016 - Nationale Kunstdagen - Ahoy Rotterdam.

08.04.2016 - Art Eindhoven - Philips Klok gebouw.

31.09.2015 - Stem op mij: Van Gogh schilderwedstrijd - schilderij nr. 3465

26.09.2015 - ADAF Anual Dutch Art Fair - Van Gogh expositie.

05.05.2015 - Les Alyscamps (Vincent van Gogh) geveild voor € 59 miljoen euro.

03.05.2015 - Van Gogh contest @ Dutch television (AVRO - TROS) - List all participants

01.05.2015 - This website was created in order to share my art and philosophy with the world.

17.04.2015 - Van Gogh exhibition @ Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum.

10.04.2015 - Kunstuur TV uitzending @ NPO- 2: AVRO-TROS.

13.03.2015 - Exploring new exhibition space at Vleuten shopping center.

26.02.2015 - Gerrit Benner exhibition @ the Fries Museum and Belvédere Musem.

22.02.2015 - Hanna van Ginkel exhibition @ Puntenburg.

07.11.2014 - Isha (Kahtak) - Hari & Chetana / Korzo / RASA productions @ Utrecht.

05.11.2014 - Vaas met Klaprozen (Vincent van Gogh) geveild voor € 50 miljoen euro.

01.11.2014 - Dee Dee Bridgewater @ Theatro Manzoni, Bologna Italy.

11.09.2014 - Willem de Ridder - De trouwe Johannes @ Hamtoren.

06.09.2014 - Frame drumming.

02.09.2014 - Artamon - Symbolism, painters of the soul @ Hamtoren.

    juni 2014 - Atelier route Utrecht.


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  Atelier - The Hamtower

• Location painting atelier: "The Hamtower", a former castle in the vincinity of Haarzuylens Castle. Today only the tower remains. The workspace is situated at the fourth floor, which limits the sizes of canvases that can be carried up on the stairs.

• Applied techniques: mixed style and materials. Sometimes products from nature are added, like roseleafs, herbs, and even seagull-wings. Also wrapping can be applied, often a vail in order to emphasize the translucence.

  The workspace

  Discussing art

Explaining, contemplating and discussing art productions with collegue painters.

  The artist at work

The artist at work. Prestudies are conductes inside the tower. The inspiration often arises from nature outside the atelier and is incorporated in the art work.


© 2007 - | SanTurnUs Art
San Timmermans
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• Beurs fabriek Art Fair       2017 | exhibition | Nieuwegein-Utrecht

• Van Lanschot Bankiers       2017 | contest | 's-Hertogenbosch

• AHOY Rotterdam Art Fair       2016 | exhibition | Rotterdam

• Eindhoven Art Fair       2016 | exhibition | Eindhoven

• ADAF - Amsterdam Dutch Art Fair       2015 | exhibition | Amsterdam

• Van Gogh Museum       2015 | contest | Amsterdam


My art represents expressions of visualized energy.
Recurrent themes are: sting, scission, schism and
convergence, whirlwinds, grounding, nature,
universe and female power.

My philosophy is my inspiration.
My inspiration is my expression.
My expression is my belief.
My belief is my incentive.



Bij. Bee.
Bijen. Bees.
Bijeen. Gather.
Wees erbij. Be there.
De sleutels.The keys.


Saturnia (tropical giant moth)
Dutch: Nacht pauw oog, (Night peacock eye)

  Path of Stones

Saturnia Dichotomy
Triangle Crossroad

  Rhytms and Symbols in Nature

PI | Port | Gateway | Archway | Arch

PI = Circumference / Diameter ≈ 3,1415926535


1331 - 3113

• Prime (or a prime number) is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than itself and 1.
• Euclid's theorem asserts that there are infinitely many prime numbers, and therefore the prime sequence never ends.
• The fundamental theorem of arithmetic states that every integer greater than 1 either is prime itself or is the product of prime numbers, and that this product is unique, up to the order of the factors.
• The Ulam spiral depicts all natural numbers in a spiral-like way. Surprisingly, prime numbers cluster on certain diagonals and not others.
• Primes grow like weeds among the natural numbers, seeming to obey no other law than that of chance, but also exhibit stunning regularity, and that there are laws governing their behavior, and that they obey these laws with almost military precision.
• Movements of free "natural phenomena" and unequal durations with lengths given by different prime numbers to create unpredictable ametrical rhythms.
Quatre Etudes De Rythme (1949-50) - Nos. 3 and 4.

  Wake Turbulence

Movement in time requires energy. And movement in space also produces energy. Beyond time and space, this whirling energy can be seen at the waves originating from a propelling boat. It can also be seen originating from the wingtips of an airplane. The photograph at the right shows how the smoke column below is being transformed by the passing airplane into a vortex. These vortexes of energy form a basis of my artwork.

The seagull is flying. No restraining country-borders. The spiraling fluoresent energy dominates. The vacuum in the center is The Mother's birthcanal. Rose-leafs of love are sprouting.


San Timmermans was born in 1963 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her grandmother was born at Haarzuylens Castle county and her grandfather worked the park around the castle. This is where San's respect for nature was influenced. San loves to hike, listen to birds, watching nature's elements from sky to stone.

San is first a mother. Her masterpieces are the creation of her two children. They are currently in their twenties attending university. She was inspired by the dark roccoco paintings from judges, all austere men, dressed up in black, covering the wall of the law faculty. Amidst the Royal King. Not a single woman. She decided to add a white lacing to the painting of her daughter, predicting that the King's picture should be replaced by her talented daughter.

San's favorite hobby is skating. Ever since she was five she developped her skills. Both on ice and wheels. Over fourty years later she still skates almost every day, even in summer.

San's true passion is dancing. As an acknowledged belly-dancer she is able to combine her skills. Dancing on wheels with a vail, like the expressions in her paintings, thus leaving the spectator with a magical translucent transcending experience.

11.03.2009 - De Weekkrant (Dutch local newspaper)

Celebrate the full moon:
'Let's join the sun's and moon's energy.'

San's respect for nature and energy is not only seen in her art work but can also be found in her focus. Spirituality is her way of experiencing life. Biological food is her way of safeguarding her earthly temple, her body.

San's primordial contemplation is also reflected in the self recupperant potency of nature and body. She is the founder of the "Germanic Art of Healing" workgroup. Like the quote of Vincent van Gogh: "The healing power of painting and the sower of truth."

owner San Timmermans
website www.SanTurnUs.com
telephone+31 (6) 142 446 22
locationUtrecht, The Netherlands, Europe


The Motherbomb: exploding tulip
100 x 100cm
acryl on canvas

Dit doek is geïnspireerd op VS gooit 'moeder aller bommen' op IS.
anno 13 april 2017, Nangarhar Afghanistan.

Een conventionele bom, the MOAB, van bijna 10.000 kilo blaast alles binnen een vierkante mijl plat.

In Godsnaam
Bij het Rechte Eind

De Kunstschepper San™

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